Preschool Christmas Programs 2015

This totally cracked me up! And is oh so very true. This morning, we enjoyed Carter’s preschool Christmas program, and last week Kate had her miniature version of it, too. They were both too cute and funny not to share! 
I’ll start with Kate…she looked so incredibly cute heading to school! 
And then, she was asked to perform…
Yeah, not a fan. 😉 
One of the perks of working at the school was that we got to go back into the room once the day was over and have a little redo photo shoot. She was HAPPY to sing and dance and smile for me all alone in the room, but as she told me later, “All the mommies and daddies were scary.” It’s tough to be two! 

Now onto the big guy. Carter fell in love with these dumb horrific patriotic cowboy boots at Wal-mart the other day, so naturally he had to wear them to look “fancy” today. He is my shy one, so I knew he’d be nervous, but he ended up doing so well!
His class first sang “Jingle Bell Rock.”
And then “The First Noel.”
And then came the finale. He lucked out standing next to one of his sweet friends for this, so he was quite dramatic with his motions for the final three songs – “Jingle Bells,” “Go Tell it on a Mountain,” and “Happy Birthday Jesus.” 
Afterward, we got to go have cookies in his class and tell him what a stud he is.

It was a such fun little morning with our cowboy! 🙂 Hope everyone has a great last week of school with your little ones!  

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