Friday Favorites: Five Fun Small-Business Finds

Happy Friday, y’all! Today, I’m so excited to share five of my favorite things I’ve discovered in the last few weeks. Each of these items are made by small businesses and many of them benefit a greater good…bonus! Here we go! ONE I read about this amazing company – The Thx Co – on anotherContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Five Fun Small-Business Finds”

On Vulnerability…

Five days ago, I did something I thought was impossible when originally asked. Last week, I stood on a stage in front of 160 women and shared my testimony of how Jesus brought me through a life-threatening eating disorder in my teen years.  And you know the weirdest part? I wasn’t even nervous. Rewind twoContinue reading “On Vulnerability…”

Weekend Wrap-Up: We-Survived-Spring-Break Edition

Ahhh, the end of spring break. I’m over here rejoicing that there is a sense of normalcy and routine returning to our home, but I’m pretty sure all the teachers feel like this… WORD. So, we wrapped up our long and rainy spring break this weekend. After four days of basically being cooped up inContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-Up: We-Survived-Spring-Break Edition”

10 on the 10th…Except it’s the 11th ;)

Okay, my faithful ten readers….I’m determined to get back into the blogging game. I’ve been, well, a big fat failure the last month or so, and my dad is disappointed that he’s no longer getting his daily email updates, so Dad, this one’s for you. 😉 Here are ten things for the 10th that haveContinue reading “10 on the 10th…Except it’s the 11th ;)”

Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!

What in the ACTUAL world…how it is already March?!? And March 3rd at that?!! Today, I’m joining up with the Adoption Talk Link-Up, and the prompt simply says “Anything Goes,” so that’s pretty fitting for this post because the things I wanted to share with you today are somewhat adoption-related, but there’s no real Earth-shatteringContinue reading “Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!”