On New Year’s Day…

January 1. 
I love a fresh start, don’t you? I love opening up a fresh planner, turning to a new month, and dreaming of the possibilities. I also love the thought of improving on the month or year past and setting goals for myself, personally and professionally, as we move into a new chapter.
So, let’s chat goals. I am what the personality tests like to call a “lion,” which basically means I’m really good at the seeing the big picture or the end goal, and I can get focused to a fault when I’m trying to meet a goal or accomplish something. The problem with lions though is that we often lack the discipline and time management to work out the details that will allow us to achieve our goal without leaving the rest of our life in chaos. We’re really BAD at working out the little details when we’ve set our eyes on the prize, so to speak. 
One of my faults? Constantly thinking about the NEXT project or NEXT goal or NEXT big thing I’m going to do, which often makes me miss out on some of the everyday, routine joy of whatever season of life I currently find myself. I’m always pushing for the next best thing without relishing in the here and now. 
The thing is that I really love the adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment I feel when I’ve stepped into new territory or done something I never dreamed I could do. There’s nothing that sets me more on fire than working toward a goal or dream that I really believe in. And that’s not ALL bad.
The catch-22 though? I’ve been convicted lately that a lot of my drive to constantly improve and grow stems from a lack of contentment. If I’m being totally honest, I think at times, I constantly push myself because I don’t feel like I’m enough. And at times, I feel as if I’m too much. 
And, I’m willing to bet that sometimes, you feel that way, too.

But here’s the thing, friends: if I never did another thing, and if I never accomplished another goal in my whole life, the Lord says I’m enough. That doesn’t mean I can sit on my couch and binge Netflix until He calls me home, but it DOES mean that I can be content with exactly who He created me to be. Because the best news of the entire gospel is this: HE DID IT FOR ME. Jesus did on the cross what I could never do. He died on the cross and what He did, not what I do, makes me a citizen of heaven. I don’t have to continue to prove my worth or continue striving to achieve anyone’s approval because He did that for me. He says I’m enough.
For the last 15 years or so, I’ve given myself a challenge to start the new year. Three years ago, I started this blog. Two years ago, I finally said yes to becoming an Ambassador with Noonday Collection after sitting on the decision for 9 months. Last year, I set out to qualify for a trip with the company to meet our artisan partners. 
I’m thrilled that all three of those ventures have been successful, but this year? I really feel as if the Lord is asking me to slow it down. Soak it in. Enjoy the ages my kids are and just relish this season of time with them. I’ve got so much already planned for this year that I truthfully just don’t need to add anything more to it. This year, I’m enjoying the fruits of what I’ve worked for the last three – I’m visiting our artisan partners, we’re taking several family vacations, and I’m continuing to write in this little space I’ve created here. And I’m calling that good enough.  
So, for 2018, my goal is contentment. 
Less looking out at what the world says I need to be doing and more looking in at my family and friends. 
Less looking down at my phone and more looking up at my kids. 
Less focus on the things that are ahead and more focus on the things I have right in front of me.
What’s your goal for 2018? Tell me in the comments! Happy New Year, friends! 

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