Brooks at 2 1/2

This morning, we had Brooks’s 2 1/2 year check-up, and it dawned on me that this was probably a good time to blog a few things about him at this age that I want to remember. So, for no other reason that my own memory preservation, here are ten things about this incredible little boyContinue reading “Brooks at 2 1/2”

Post Adoption: 9 Months Home

I will not start every post with an apology. I will not start every post with an apology. I will not start every post with an apology. ARGH, I can’t help it…I’m so sorry, y’all! This whole three kids thing is HARD, and I missed both eight AND nine months home posts! Dang it! Well,Continue reading “Post Adoption: 9 Months Home”

Post Adoption: 7 Months Home

This sweet boy has been home seven months! (Okay, seven months and some change. Summer is hard.)  It’s crazy to think that a year ago, we hadn’t even seen his face yet, and now we can’t imagine our life without him. What an amazing God we serve. So, let’s see…here’s what has been going onContinue reading “Post Adoption: 7 Months Home”

Post Adoption: 5 and 6 Months Home

Soooo…it’s been a while. 😉 And it would appear I have missed quite a few updates on my dusty little blog here. EEEK. I could write a litany of excuses as to why I haven’t updated anything here in almost two months, but the truth is that life just gets crazy sometimes and the hobbiesContinue reading “Post Adoption: 5 and 6 Months Home”

Post Adoption: 4 Months

[Y’all…no lie…I wrote this two weeks ago and forgot to publish it! Better late than never, right?] Four months! What in the actual world, y’all? How have we had this precious boy for four months already?! If you haven’t yet seen our video of our trip to China, you can see that HERE. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT:Continue reading “Post Adoption: 4 Months”

Some Days are Just HARD.

Can I get real for a minute? Like, really real. Today was an absolute BEATING. Like, I could actually go to bed at 8:29 as I’m sitting down to write this beating. Like, I ate two cupcakes after dinner and felt zero shame beating. Short of my oldest son’s surgery complications, today was one ofContinue reading “Some Days are Just HARD.”

Post-Adoption: 3 Months

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I hope you are spreading the LOVE today to those around you! We celebrated a little bit last night, but it’s our three-month mark as a family of five today, so let’s talk about the littlest Ezell! This month, we fought some more respiratory concerns, rode the steroids roller coaster, andContinue reading “Post-Adoption: 3 Months”

Christmas Eve Photo Shoot

So, confession: I haven’t done a family Christmas card since 2014. Eeek! Last year, we were on such a strict budget since every extra penny went to our adoption process that I couldn’t justify the cards expense, and this year, we had been home a hot minute when we would’ve been needing to take pictures,Continue reading “Christmas Eve Photo Shoot”