Oh, Happy Friday! [Adoption Update]

Happy Friday, friends! So, remember that time I thought we were home study approved? Yeah, so we technically were not yet. This actually IS my first rodeo in the adoption world, and I misunderstood our social worker when she told me that “this part was done” in her email. What she actually meant was HERContinue reading “Oh, Happy Friday! [Adoption Update]”

Sunday Morning Praises

1) On Saturday afternoon, our sales number on our t-shirt Booster went from 99 to 105. Triple digits, baby! We are THRILLED and humbled. Approaching $1800 raised and counting…and still 20 days to go before it closes! 2) Our amazing pastor, whose sermon on Nehemiah last winter was a major catalyst for us in thisContinue reading “Sunday Morning Praises”

Answering the Hard Question: "Why Go All the Way to China When So Many American Kids Need Loving Homes?"

So, I’ve written quite a few posts now about our adoption and how the process is going, and I am thrilled to see so much interest from friends in hearing about how we got to this point. I’ve had questions about what the process looks like, the financial obligation, the children’s care prior to adoption,Continue reading “Answering the Hard Question: "Why Go All the Way to China When So Many American Kids Need Loving Homes?"”

September Goals

September. Ahhhh, one of my absolute favorite months of the year. School is starting again, college football is coming back (WHOOP!), life goes back to a somewhat predictable routine, bed times get earlier (ALL the praise hands), pumpkin everything comes out on the shelves, and the heat at least minimally decreases…some days. 😉  With allContinue reading “September Goals”

Climbing the Paperwork Mountain

So, a lot of friends and family who have seen our adoption announcement and our huge thank you have been asking where we are in the process. Well, here you go. Welcome to my desk. Anytime I’m not racing cars with Carter, playing dolls with Kate, or preparing for my new preschool class, you’ll findContinue reading “Climbing the Paperwork Mountain”