Some Days are Just HARD.

Can I get real for a minute? Like, really real. Today was an absolute BEATING. Like, I could actually go to bed at 8:29 as I’m sitting down to write this beating. Like, I ate two cupcakes after dinner and felt zero shame beating. Short of my oldest son’s surgery complications, today was one ofContinue reading “Some Days are Just HARD.”

Post-Adoption: 3 Months

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I hope you are spreading the LOVE today to those around you! We celebrated a little bit last night, but it’s our three-month mark as a family of five today, so let’s talk about the littlest Ezell! This month, we fought some more respiratory concerns, rode the steroids roller coaster, andContinue reading “Post-Adoption: 3 Months”

Stuck In My Head…

Ever since Jennie Allen’s talk at IF this weekend about going SMALL instead of BIG with spreading God’s truth, there’s been a song stuck in my head by Francesca Battistelli called “He Knows My Name.” I’ve really felt as if God has laid these two specific lines on my people-pleasing soul, and I wondered ifContinue reading “Stuck In My Head…”