October Recap/Photo Dump

Okay, better late than never…here is what we were up to in October! These beautiful friends hosted the CUTEST baby shower for our family! So grateful for them! We visited the Pumpkin Village at the Arboretum. This girl…she gives me laugh lines and gray hairs.  We received our first ever VIDEO of sweet Brooks atContinue reading “October Recap/Photo Dump”

Eight on the Eighth: A Life Lately Recap

Okay, y’all…forgive my absence here. For the last two weeks, we’ve gone into sprint mode around here with visa applications, a quick lake getaway, the start of a new school year, and just general September craziness. So, a couple quick things to share with you all… ONE  We are resting on the adoption paperwork front…forContinue reading “Eight on the Eighth: A Life Lately Recap”

May Recap: Life Lately

Well, hey there end of May! In the words of my Carter, “What the what?!!” This month has been an absolute WHIRLWIND. I repeat. WHIRL. WIND. Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to…in completely random, not chronological order… We celebrated this beautiful lady, my mom, on Mother’s Day with an amazing mealContinue reading “May Recap: Life Lately”

A Documentary, A Meme, and a Book Walk Into a Bar…

Okay, guys…this post is so incredibly random, but I just have to share a few completely unrelated things this afternoon. First… Have you guys seen this? We have watched nine of the episodes this week alone, and y’all…I can’t get this crazy story out of my head! I’m not 110% convinced he’s totally innocent, butContinue reading “A Documentary, A Meme, and a Book Walk Into a Bar…”

Life Lately: School Pictures and Letters to Santa

So, life lately has actually been fairly slow and, aside from the terrible twos being in FULL FORCE around here, not super stressful. (Side note: Am I wrong that girls in the terrible twos are SO. MUCH. WORSE. than boys?!! Holy drama, Batman! Somewhere my mom is laughing…)  We are at a point in theContinue reading “Life Lately: School Pictures and Letters to Santa”