Brooks at 2 1/2

This morning, we had Brooks’s 2 1/2 year check-up, and it dawned on me that this was probably a good time to blog a few things about him at this age that I want to remember. So, for no other reason that my own memory preservation, here are ten things about this incredible little boy that I want to remember about him at 2 1/2 years old. Let’s go!

1. Pronouns are hard.
One of my favorite things about two-year-olds is their Caveman-speak. I hear a lot of “Me do it” or “Me have one” or “Me want that.” As much as the grammar snob in me wants to correct it, I’ve been around this block enough times to know that it’s fleeting, so I’m HIGHLY encouraging the “me” to stick around. 😉 He will occasionally get the “I” part correct…but more often than not, he talks as “me.” 
2. Kidz Bop is his JAM.
Specifically, Kidz Bop 37 is his jam. Current obsessions include “How Long,” “Havana” (which he affectionately calls Havana Na Na), and “Mi Gente.” We made the catastrophic mistake of buying the CD at Target a few weeks ago in an attempt to save our data in the car, and the minute we buckle him in that car seat, he demands, “Play How Long!” It was cute at first…not so much four weeks in…sigh.

3. He has some mean dance moves.
Building on number two, he throws down some wicked moves when we turn those songs on the TV upstairs. He can jump, spin, and bounce with the best of ’em. My favorite is the head bob.

4. He is an engineer. Or doctor. Okay, or ice cream man.
His favorite toys currently are the doctor kit, the magna-tiles, or his ice cream truck. You can find this boy either building a house, giving someone a check-up, or asking “What do you want?” from his ice cream truck at nearly every hour of the day. I’m praying that we further pursue one of his first two options… 

5. He loves his people.
The first thing this sweet boy does when he comes downstairs in the morning or after a nap is assess the room. He wants to know who is here, who is missing, and where his people are. He is NOT a fan of anyone in the group being missing. Ever. His ideal world includes all five of us…all the time. It’s the sweetest thing.

6. He has some wicked gymnastics ability.
So, I noticed out the window earlier this week that he has figured out a little front handspring-type move, 100% on his own. He bounces on his knees first and then flips over forward. We absolutely did not teach him this, nor can his big brother or sister do it. I’m going to go ahead and call this one a gymnast – what do you think?

7. He still naps like a pro.
Fun fact: Brooks is legitimately the ONLY child in his preschool class that takes a nap every single day. There is one other that occasionally naps, too, but Brooks naps every single day for at least an hour. With my older two, this was an age where naps were either dropped entirely or became a battle. Not with this one. He is the best little sleeper!

8. He’s a peanut.
We had a well-check earlier this week, and despite my 100% confidence that he would’ve jumped up past the fifth percentile for weight…we did not. We stayed exactly the same. He is in the fifth percentile for weight and 15th for height. We are still in 12-18 month pants and 18-24 month tops, occasionally a 2T shirt if it’s cute enough to wear a little big. He seems a little bit stockier and filled out to me, but percentiles don’t lie, so apparently we’re still a peanut. (I secretly love it!) 

9. He is not a fan of any meat other than pepperoni.
Don’t even bother offering this kid chicken or turkey or beef – he’ll have none of it. Pepperoni or nothin’ for this kid. It’s so very healthy. Except not.

10. His favorite place is on the kitchen counter.
I pray that he still feels at home enough to hop up on our counter when he’s 25. It’s my favorite spot to chat with him. 🙂

This little boy is just so special, and I cannot wait to see what BIG and beautiful things God has planned for his life. Love you, sweet boy!

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