Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We had an absolutely perfect day with our sweet family today. I hosted, and I’m not one to brag, but not only did I not kill anyone with food poisoning, but the house is still standing and semi-clean, too! 😉 It’s a Turkey Day miracle! I scrolled through my Facebook first thing this morning andContinue reading “Thanksgiving Wrap-Up”

Adoption Awareness Month: A Male Perspective

Today, I’m changing it up around here. Over the last few months, I have received DOZENS of questions related to how I “convinced” my husband to adopt. I have heard from so many women who have such a strong desire to join in caring for orphans, but they just can’t seem to get their husbandsContinue reading “Adoption Awareness Month: A Male Perspective”

Oh, Happy Friday! [Adoption Update]

Happy Friday, friends! So, remember that time I thought we were home study approved? Yeah, so we technically were not yet. This actually IS my first rodeo in the adoption world, and I misunderstood our social worker when she told me that “this part was done” in her email. What she actually meant was HERContinue reading “Oh, Happy Friday! [Adoption Update]”

Life Lately: School Pictures and Letters to Santa

So, life lately has actually been fairly slow and, aside from the terrible twos being in FULL FORCE around here, not super stressful. (Side note: Am I wrong that girls in the terrible twos are SO. MUCH. WORSE. than boys?!! Holy drama, Batman! Somewhere my mom is laughing…)  We are at a point in theContinue reading “Life Lately: School Pictures and Letters to Santa”

Adoption Awareness Month: Get Your Tissues Ready, Y’all…

Although I’m not technically an adoptive mom yet, I am in the process of becoming one, and in honor of Adoption Awareness month, I wanted to share with you the video above. I think this so perfectly describes the adoption process, the beauty and tragic loss that are both present in adoption, and the redemptionContinue reading “Adoption Awareness Month: Get Your Tissues Ready, Y’all…”