Stuck In My Head…

Ever since Jennie Allen’s talk at IF this weekend about going SMALL instead of BIG with spreading God’s truth, there’s been a song stuck in my head by Francesca Battistelli called “He Knows My Name.” I’ve really felt as if God has laid these two specific lines on my people-pleasing soul, and I wondered ifContinue reading “Stuck In My Head…”

…and if not, HE IS STILL GOOD.

So, it’s Sunday night again. I may have mentioned this here before, but Sundays took on a whole new meaning to me during this adoption process. All of the emails, all of the phone calls (good and bad), and all of the news in an adoption process happen between Monday and Friday (it’s a businessContinue reading “…and if not, HE IS STILL GOOD.”

Happy 1st Birthday, Brooks!

Today is our baby Brooks’s first birthday.    My prayer today is that he feels special. I don’t know whether or not the photo album we sent a couple of weeks ago was given to him yet or not, I don’t know whether or not his birthday was acknowledged by the orphanage or not, andContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday, Brooks!”

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Our Referral Story

Okay, y’all…I’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you for a while, and I am SO excited I can finally shout it from the rooftops… WE HAVE A SON. I can’t even believe it, y’all. We got “the call” in the afternoon on July 12th. I was getting the kids ready to go swimming atContinue reading “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Our Referral Story”

When God’s Not Subtle…

Sometimes, I believe God moves and speaks to us in very soft, very faint whispers. And other times, when you’re doubting something He’s called you to or just flat out acting ridiculous, he legitimately YELLS at you. Today, I got yelled at in the best possible way, and I am so incredibly grateful. Let’s rewindContinue reading “When God’s Not Subtle…”

A Whirlwind 24 Hours…

Yesterday, we did something we hoped and prayed we would never have to do. After lots of confusion, conversation, and prayer, we declined our first referral. We got the call Wednesday afternoon. It had been a really rough day up until that point. I wasn’t feeling well, Kate was being difficult, and we had veryContinue reading “A Whirlwind 24 Hours…”

On Vulnerability…

Five days ago, I did something I thought was impossible when originally asked. Last week, I stood on a stage in front of 160 women and shared my testimony of how Jesus brought me through a life-threatening eating disorder in my teen years.  And you know the weirdest part? I wasn’t even nervous. Rewind twoContinue reading “On Vulnerability…”

Answering the Hard Question: "Why Go All the Way to China When So Many American Kids Need Loving Homes?"

So, I’ve written quite a few posts now about our adoption and how the process is going, and I am thrilled to see so much interest from friends in hearing about how we got to this point. I’ve had questions about what the process looks like, the financial obligation, the children’s care prior to adoption,Continue reading “Answering the Hard Question: "Why Go All the Way to China When So Many American Kids Need Loving Homes?"”