I Think I Want to Adopt…Now What?!

So, let’s get real for a second. I know one thing to be true…you’re only really here for the baby.  It’s fine. I understand. He’s squishy and funny and perfectly adorable and you really don’t care about little old me. It’s okay. I’ve made my peace with it. Give the people what they want, right? Continue reading “I Think I Want to Adopt…Now What?!”

Eight on the Eighth: A Life Lately Recap

Okay, y’all…forgive my absence here. For the last two weeks, we’ve gone into sprint mode around here with visa applications, a quick lake getaway, the start of a new school year, and just general September craziness. So, a couple quick things to share with you all… ONE  We are resting on the adoption paperwork front…forContinue reading “Eight on the Eighth: A Life Lately Recap”

A Very Unique Fundraiser

Y’all. What an incredible and humbling past few days we’ve had. Blake and I are so BEYOND grateful for your outpouring of support and love for our new son. We cannot wait to get Brooks home later this fall and introduce him to all the amazing people who have prayed for him the past year. ThisContinue reading “A Very Unique Fundraiser”

When God’s Not Subtle…

Sometimes, I believe God moves and speaks to us in very soft, very faint whispers. And other times, when you’re doubting something He’s called you to or just flat out acting ridiculous, he legitimately YELLS at you. Today, I got yelled at in the best possible way, and I am so incredibly grateful. Let’s rewindContinue reading “When God’s Not Subtle…”

Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!

What in the ACTUAL world…how it is already March?!? And March 3rd at that?!! Today, I’m joining up with the Adoption Talk Link-Up, and the prompt simply says “Anything Goes,” so that’s pretty fitting for this post because the things I wanted to share with you today are somewhat adoption-related, but there’s no real Earth-shatteringContinue reading “Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!”

Five Friday Favorites

Alas, my favorite day of the week. FRIDAY! TGIF!  (Sidenote: Why are the “short” weeks always really the longest?! This phenomenon still baffles me. Four days this week that felt like ten. Oy.) There’s been a lot going on around here lately, so I thought I’d take a quick second to share a few ofContinue reading “Five Friday Favorites”

No Place Like Home Fundraiser: One Week Update

I don’t even really know where to start with this post. Three months into the biggest leap of faith my husband and I have ever taken, here is where we are… Our t-shirt fundraiser has been live for one week.  We have sold 87 shirts. We have raised nearly $1500. In ONE. WEEK.  Our fundraiserContinue reading “No Place Like Home Fundraiser: One Week Update”