Why You Need Margin, Mama

I was recently reading a poll of sorts in a Facebook group that asked the ladies there how often they have time away from their kids. And by that, she didn’t mean the hour after they’ve gone to bed where you sprawl out on the couch with Netflix or Instagram. (Although all the praise handsContinue reading “Why You Need Margin, Mama”

On New Year’s Day…

January 1.  I love a fresh start, don’t you? I love opening up a fresh planner, turning to a new month, and dreaming of the possibilities. I also love the thought of improving on the month or year past and setting goals for myself, personally and professionally, as we move into a new chapter. So,Continue reading “On New Year’s Day…”

What Breaks YOUR Heart? Thoughts on Brooks’s Dedication Weekend

Last night, we dedicated our sweet Brooks to the Lord in front of our church and family. It was such a full circle moment because God first planted that adoption seed in our hearts in that same room, from that stage over two years ago when a message from our pastor, John McKinzie, asked usContinue reading “What Breaks YOUR Heart? Thoughts on Brooks’s Dedication Weekend”

Some Days are Just HARD.

Can I get real for a minute? Like, really real. Today was an absolute BEATING. Like, I could actually go to bed at 8:29 as I’m sitting down to write this beating. Like, I ate two cupcakes after dinner and felt zero shame beating. Short of my oldest son’s surgery complications, today was one ofContinue reading “Some Days are Just HARD.”