My Happy Place

Ah, Lake Hamilton. There are fewer places I feel more connected to my past, present, future, and God than when I am at our family’s lake house in Hot Springs. There’s something about taking your kids to a place where you grew up and seeing their faces light up the way yours did (and stillContinue reading “My Happy Place”

May Recap: Life Lately

Well, hey there end of May! In the words of my Carter, “What the what?!!” This month has been an absolute WHIRLWIND. I repeat. WHIRL. WIND. Here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to…in completely random, not chronological order… We celebrated this beautiful lady, my mom, on Mother’s Day with an amazing mealContinue reading “May Recap: Life Lately”

Catching Up on Our Travels – Santa Fe and Hot Springs!

We’ve been traveling like crazy this summer…over the course of the past 10 days, I was only home for two! Eeek! So let’s catch up! First up was a wedding in Santa Fe for one of Blake’s college roommates. It was a fun little kid-free getaway, and it was so nice to be in theContinue reading “Catching Up on Our Travels – Santa Fe and Hot Springs!”

Memorial Day Weekend-ing

 We spent an amazing 3-day weekend at my favorite place on Earth – the family lakehouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas! It’s a decent drive (five hours plus stops), but getting there and seeing the beautiful lake and mountainous scenery always makes it worth it. The kids were SO excited! We spent Saturday boating, fishing, eatingContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend-ing”