Why You Need Margin, Mama

I was recently reading a poll of sorts in a Facebook group that asked the ladies there how often they have time away from their kids. And by that, she didn’t mean the hour after they’ve gone to bed where you sprawl out on the couch with Netflix or Instagram. (Although all the praise handsContinue reading “Why You Need Margin, Mama”

When RIGHT. NOW. Doesn’t Happen…

If you are the mom of a toddler like me, you understand their need to have what they want RIGHT NOW. Not in five minutes. Not tomorrow. Not next week.  RIGHT.  NOW.  The scene was not unusual for our, ahem, dramatic one. We were leaving the library, and Kate decided she wanted to “drive” myContinue reading “When RIGHT. NOW. Doesn’t Happen…”


So, better late than never, right?!! 🙂 Today’s Show & Tell Tuesday (or Wednesday…) is all about our momfessionals – a term that basically means our mom confessionals. In other words, how we all survive this NUTTY motherhood thing without LOSING OUR MINDS.  So, let’s go! 1) I HEART PRESCHOOL After Kate’s horrific first yearContinue reading “Momfessionals”

Little Eyes Are Always Watching…

Last Wednesday, I was stopped at a stoplight. We were on our way to drop off my son at preschool, and the day had already been…well, special. I glanced up at the rear-view mirror and realized in the chaos of the morning, I had forgotten to put on any makeup. I am not a bigContinue reading “Little Eyes Are Always Watching…”