The Underdog

So, here’s the thing…I have a thing for the underdog. I always have. 
The truth is, I blame my mother. My first dog was the runt of her litter, and from that moment on, I became just smitten with the little guys. The outcasts. The Davids of the world. The ones who really have to fight for it. 
Whether it be the new kid in class who sat alone in the cafeteria for weeks before making her first friend, or Forrest Gump actually graduating from college despite his low IQ, or the skinny kid going out for the football team who spends his entire summer in the weight room, they absolutely steal my heart. 
There is something so magical to me about the journey from nothing to greatness. When the tortoise crosses the finish line, slowly of course, to the hare’s absolute shock and dismay, it truly gives me goosebumps. To see Michael Oher get drafted into the NFL with a loving family by his side when just years before was homeless and on the streets brings me to tears. The journey, the hard work, the determination to never quit…the underdog story is my Kryptonite. My Achilles heel. My weakness. 
I just can’t get enough of these stories.
So, I’m telling you all of this with a point, I promise. I had a conversation with our agency several weeks ago as we were reviewing our family profile that went something like this…
Social Worker (SW): “I see here you are open to either gender at this point. I’m assuming your preference is a girl, though, correct? I want to let you know that we have many, many families in line for girls, so if you are hoping for a girl, we will want to be specific on your profile. You can expect to be waiting six to nine months for a referral.”
Me: “We are truly open at this point. How long are referrals taking for boys in our age range?”
SW: “We only have one family with a dossier in China currently who is pursuing a boy, so a few weeks at most. We find boys are much harder to match…simply because they are boys.”
Me: “Really? How sad! Why is that?”
SW: “We don’t really know, to be honest. There is just such a strong preference for girls in adoption, China specifically, that we almost consider being a boy a special need all by itself. They wait so much longer for families just because so few come forward for boys. China boys are the underdogs.”
And, I melted to a puddle right there on the floor. Check mate. Done. My heart is gone.
Me: “Yes, let’s go ahead and change our checklist to specify a boy, same age and medical needs.”
After about ten minutes of cheering and absolute elation from the social worker, we have made it official that we are now solely pursuing a baby BOY. And, we could not be more thrilled to watch this underdog story unfold in our little family. 
Thanks for continuing to journey this process with us! 🙂 

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