Friday Favorites: Five Fun Small-Business Finds

Happy Friday, y’all! Today, I’m so excited to share five of my favorite things I’ve discovered in the last few weeks. Each of these items are made by small businesses and many of them benefit a greater good…bonus! Here we go! ONE I read about this amazing company – The Thx Co – on anotherContinue reading “Friday Favorites: Five Fun Small-Business Finds”

Five Friday Favorites

Alas, my favorite day of the week. FRIDAY! TGIF!  (Sidenote: Why are the “short” weeks always really the longest?! This phenomenon still baffles me. Four days this week that felt like ten. Oy.) There’s been a lot going on around here lately, so I thought I’d take a quick second to share a few ofContinue reading “Five Friday Favorites”

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Time of Year Edition

Happy Friday all! 🙂 Life lately has been IN.SANE. as I have been planning Carter’s upcoming birthday shenanigans, accepting my new part-time job as a preschool teacher (say WHAT?!), going in to debt (ok, not really) to attend multiple showers/birthday parties each weekend, walking around in a fog because of nightmares and teething, and justContinue reading “Friday Favorites: My Favorite Time of Year Edition”

Friday Favorites: Writer’s Block Edition

Happy Friday, all!  First of all, my apologies for being totally MIA the last few weeks. I’m seriously slacking on the blog front. I could bore you with a litany of excuses – we had lots of snow days, spring break (aka 24/7 children for 12+ days), went out of town for a wedding, etc.Continue reading “Friday Favorites: Writer’s Block Edition”

Friday Favorites: All About CARTER!

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I’m focusing on my sweet and handsome little man! (Sorry girl moms…this one’s for the boy!) 1) Our Discovery of Paw Patrol Praise the sweet baby Jesus, our Caillou phase is OVER! Gone are the days of the whiny bald (seriously, why IS he bald at age 4?!!) kid,Continue reading “Friday Favorites: All About CARTER!”

Friday Favorites: "Beauty" Edition

TGIF friends!!! I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for the weekend, and I am so excited for another Friday Favorites! This week, I’m focusing on “beauty” products. (Those that know me well are laughing…I’m not exactly known for my make-up and beauty secrets…)  First, let me explain the quotes around “beauty.”Continue reading “Friday Favorites: "Beauty" Edition”