Revisiting My 2016 Goals…

So, just for kicks, I thought it’d be fun on this last day of 2016 to revisit the goals I set for myself this year.  1) Intentional 1-on-1 Time with Each Kid I actually think I did really well with this one. We did all sorts of “dates” with the kids this year –  movies,Continue reading “Revisiting My 2016 Goals…”

Christmas Eve Photo Shoot

So, confession: I haven’t done a family Christmas card since 2014. Eeek! Last year, we were on such a strict budget since every extra penny went to our adoption process that I couldn’t justify the cards expense, and this year, we had been home a hot minute when we would’ve been needing to take pictures,Continue reading “Christmas Eve Photo Shoot”

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours: Reflections on Our Orphanage Visit

Five weeks ago today, my heart was broken in the most radical way. The breaking took exactly twenty-four minutes, but I’ll never view the world the same way again. Five weeks ago today, I pulled up to a dilapidated building in the middle of a rundown city in China in a silver van, accompanied byContinue reading “Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours: Reflections on Our Orphanage Visit”

Post-Adoption: 1 Month

One month ago, we became this precious little man’s parents!To see our Gotcha Day video, click: This month was such an absolute blur. We spent half of it in China, half of it battling jet lag, and have spent the last week or so “attempting” to create a new normal and a routine. I emphasizeContinue reading “Post-Adoption: 1 Month”