Thoughts Floating Around My Head During My Son’s Birthday Week…

I wish I had a prettier title for this post, but that’s truly what this post is…my random thoughts. I have so many thoughts swirling in my head right now. Here, in Texas, I’m planning the food and decorations for a family birthday party called “Choo Choo, He’s Two!” (What can I say? I loveContinue reading “Thoughts Floating Around My Head During My Son’s Birthday Week…”

Happy 1st Birthday, Brooks!

Today is our baby Brooks’s first birthday.    My prayer today is that he feels special. I don’t know whether or not the photo album we sent a couple of weeks ago was given to him yet or not, I don’t know whether or not his birthday was acknowledged by the orphanage or not, andContinue reading “Happy 1st Birthday, Brooks!”

Kate’s "Ninnie Nouse" Birthday Party

 Tonight we celebrated our littlest turning TWO! I can’t believe it! Since she doesn’t have true “friends” yet, we just had our family over for a backyard swimming party, and my sweet friend, Brandi, passed on to us her daughter’s Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday party decorations which were perfect. Kate has been talking about herContinue reading “Kate’s "Ninnie Nouse" Birthday Party”