Christmas Eve Photo Shoot

So, confession: I haven’t done a family Christmas card since 2014. Eeek! Last year, we were on such a strict budget since every extra penny went to our adoption process that I couldn’t justify the cards expense, and this year, we had been home a hot minute when we would’ve been needing to take pictures,Continue reading “Christmas Eve Photo Shoot”

October Recap/Photo Dump

Okay, better late than never…here is what we were up to in October! These beautiful friends hosted the CUTEST baby shower for our family! So grateful for them! We visited the Pumpkin Village at the Arboretum. This girl…she gives me laugh lines and gray hairs.  We received our first ever VIDEO of sweet Brooks atContinue reading “October Recap/Photo Dump”

10 on the 10th…Except it’s the 11th ;)

Okay, my faithful ten readers….I’m determined to get back into the blogging game. I’ve been, well, a big fat failure the last month or so, and my dad is disappointed that he’s no longer getting his daily email updates, so Dad, this one’s for you. 😉 Here are ten things for the 10th that haveContinue reading “10 on the 10th…Except it’s the 11th ;)”

A Conversation with Kate

As  I brought Kate downstairs this morning, she spotted the Baby Einstein toy the kids picked out for their little brother at Target for Christmas and wanted to bring it downstairs with her. The conversation that followed was so precious that it had to be documented. Kate: Is baby brother downstairs? Me: No, sweet girl.Continue reading “A Conversation with Kate”

Preschool Christmas Programs 2015

This totally cracked me up! And is oh so very true. This morning, we enjoyed Carter’s preschool Christmas program, and last week Kate had her miniature version of it, too. They were both too cute and funny not to share!  I’ll start with Kate…she looked so incredibly cute heading to school!  And then, she wasContinue reading “Preschool Christmas Programs 2015”

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fallelujah Edition!

At long last, it’s finally feels like FALL, y’all! It’s been a while since I did a weekend wrap-up, and although this weekend wasn’t super special, I took lots of pictures, so I figured why not do one now? Saturday morning, we bundled up in our hoodies because it was 60 GLORIOUS DEGREES outside andContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-Up: Fallelujah Edition!”

Five Friday Favorites

Alas, my favorite day of the week. FRIDAY! TGIF!  (Sidenote: Why are the “short” weeks always really the longest?! This phenomenon still baffles me. Four days this week that felt like ten. Oy.) There’s been a lot going on around here lately, so I thought I’d take a quick second to share a few ofContinue reading “Five Friday Favorites”