Show & Tell Tuesday: How to Win Your Heart

Hey hey!  It’s another “Show & Tell Tuesday” link-up today, and today’s prompt is: “What Wins Your Heart?” Okay, so this question sort of stumped me when I first read it last week because I think this has changed over the years. When my husband and I were engaged, we each took the quiz thatContinue reading “Show & Tell Tuesday: How to Win Your Heart”

When RIGHT. NOW. Doesn’t Happen…

If you are the mom of a toddler like me, you understand their need to have what they want RIGHT NOW. Not in five minutes. Not tomorrow. Not next week.  RIGHT.  NOW.  The scene was not unusual for our, ahem, dramatic one. We were leaving the library, and Kate decided she wanted to “drive” myContinue reading “When RIGHT. NOW. Doesn’t Happen…”

Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacay

Well, I’m linking up again today with Momfessionals and sharing my favorite vacation for Show & Tell Tuesday! This one was super easy for me…my favorite vacay ever was most definitely my honeymoon!  Blake and I spent 6 glorious…GLORIOUS…nights at the JW Marriott in Guanacaste, Costa Rica after our wedding. It was literally perfection.   BestContinue reading “Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacay”

Show & Tell Tuesday: How We Got Engaged

I’m linking up with Momfessionals again today to share for Show and Tell Tuesdays! I am excited to read today’s posts because who doesn’t just LOVE a sweet love story?!! This week’s topic is on how you met or got engaged to your spouse, and since our story about how we met isn’t super excitingContinue reading “Show & Tell Tuesday: How We Got Engaged”

Show and Tell Tuesday: My First Link-Up!

So, today is a first for me. I am linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Momfessionals, for Show and Tell Tuesdays! I’ve never done a link up before, but when I read her post this morning, I just LOVED thinking about all the wonderful days I’ve had and which one I’d like toContinue reading “Show and Tell Tuesday: My First Link-Up!”