Memorial Day Weekend-ing

 We spent an amazing 3-day weekend at my favorite place on Earth – the family lakehouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas! It’s a decent drive (five hours plus stops), but getting there and seeing the beautiful lake and mountainous scenery always makes it worth it. The kids were SO excited!

We spent Saturday boating, fishing, eating delicious food, and just spending some sweet time with my parents. 

Kate was less than thrilled with her life jacket. 😉 
Sunday was pretty cool outside, so we played Putt-Putt in the morning and did a little more boating. 

Sunday afternoon, we went and bought crickets to fish with because we were determined to get Carter his first catch. It was HILARIOUS because when he caught his first fish, he FREAKED OUT. He said he was expecting to catch a goldfish, so when the fish was huge, he PANICKED. 

The next few catches were much more exciting once he knew what to expect. 🙂 

Meanwhile, Kate had fun swinging on the porch with Gammy. 🙂
We had a WONDERFUL weekend and got back to the house yesterday afternoon just before the big storms hit. This rain has been NUTS, but the sky last night when it had all passed was INSANE. This doesn’t really even do it justice, but it was amazing. 
God is an amazing artist, isn’t he?!!
Happy Tuesday-like-a-Monday to all!

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