Friday Favorites: My Favorite Time of Year Edition

Happy Friday all! 🙂 Life lately has been IN.SANE. as I have been planning Carter’s upcoming birthday shenanigans, accepting my new part-time job as a preschool teacher (say WHAT?!), going in to debt (ok, not really) to attend multiple showers/birthday parties each weekend, walking around in a fog because of nightmares and teething, and justContinue reading “Friday Favorites: My Favorite Time of Year Edition”

Friday Favorites: All About CARTER!

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I’m focusing on my sweet and handsome little man! (Sorry girl moms…this one’s for the boy!) 1) Our Discovery of Paw Patrol Praise the sweet baby Jesus, our Caillou phase is OVER! Gone are the days of the whiny bald (seriously, why IS he bald at age 4?!!) kid,Continue reading “Friday Favorites: All About CARTER!”

Weekend Wrap-Up: Almost Perfection

If you live in North Texas like I do, you know how perfect the weather was this weekend. We had a pretty packed weekend of birthday parties, soccer games, church, and other kiddie hoopla, but we managed to spend as much time outside as we possibly could between those things. It was still pretty coldContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-Up: Almost Perfection”

Tuesday Tidbits

Kids are funny. Sometimes, even when they do something “bad”, you just have to laugh at it and call your village to help. (After documenting the hilarity on Facebook/Instagram, obviously.) That’s exactly what I did last night when Carter gave himself a pretty sweet Mike Tyson inspired tattoo IN SHARPIE while I changed Kate’s diaper. Continue reading “Tuesday Tidbits”

A Day in the Life…One Year Ago!

So, I originally posted this on the family blog a year ago, and I took a fun little walk down memory lane tonight reading this. Kate was almost six months old, and Carter was 2 1/2. It’s amazing how much changes in a year! 5:40am: Carter is awake and crying, “I want my mommy!” IContinue reading “A Day in the Life…One Year Ago!”