Post-Adoption: 1 Month

One month ago, we became this precious little man’s parents!To see our Gotcha Day video, click:¬† This month was such an absolute blur. We spent half of it in China, half of it battling jet lag, and have spent the last week or so “attempting” to create a new normal and a routine. I emphasizeContinue reading “Post-Adoption: 1 Month”

China: Days 1-2

Well, heyyyyyyy, from Hangzhou, China! (What in the actual world, y’all?!!) I cannot believe we are over 7,000 miles away from home right now. This trip has been quite the adventure so far. Here’s what we’ve been up to since Friday… We left DFW Friday afternoon and flew 14 hours to Beijing. Neither Blake norContinue reading “China: Days 1-2”