Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!

What in the ACTUAL world…how it is already March?!? And March 3rd at that?!! Today, I’m joining up with the Adoption Talk Link-Up, and the prompt simply says “Anything Goes,” so that’s pretty fitting for this post because the things I wanted to share with you today are somewhat adoption-related, but there’s no real Earth-shatteringContinue reading “Adoption Talk Link-Up: Oh, HEY, March!”

Adoption Talk Link-Up

Happy Friday Eve, friends!! So, today, I am soooooo excited to be joining an Adoption Talk link-up for the first time now that we are on the road to becoming an adoptive family…thank the Lord, the paper chase is just days from over! Hallelujah! The prompt for today was “Memories,” so I thought I’d takeContinue reading “Adoption Talk Link-Up”