Post Adoption: 9 Months Home

I will not start every post with an apology.

I will not start every post with an apology.
I will not start every post with an apology.
ARGH, I can’t help it…I’m so sorry, y’all! This whole three kids thing is HARD, and I missed both eight AND nine months home posts! Dang it!

Well, better late never, I say…so, for all ten of my readers, let’s see what Mr. Brooks has been up to lately! πŸ˜‰Β 

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Brooks hit a SERIOUS growth spurt these last few months! He seems taller, fuller, and just like he’s losing his “baby.” His face is getting leaner, longer, and he’s looking more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. 😦 I think he’s close to 22 pounds now. No clue on height, but we’ll get all of his stats at his well-check in September, so I’ll update those soon! I know his head circumference has grown because his “Infant” Texas A&M hat he wore a lot when he got home doesn’t fit anymore. He continues to be a gross motor genius – jumping with two feet off the ground, climbing EVERYTHING, and generally giving his mama a heart attack on the daily. He wears me out, but in the best way.

ATTACHMENT: This continues to go well – no issues! Also a big victory…his night crying has finally subsided! Up until this point, he’s cried out in his sleep multiple times per night. Not long enough or loud enough for us to address it because he’s not truly awake, but I think that was where his grief and trauma came out. I haven’t heard those cries in several weeks…so amazing!

LANGUAGE: The biggest development leap we’ve noticed this month is his beginning to string words together. We got an ADORABLE video of him saying, “Hey, Kate,” the other day. He’ll also say “Hi, mama,” “Bye bye, Dada,” “Night night, Carter,” or the like. We’re getting two words together and considering he’s only heard nine months of English, we’re pretty impressed!Β 

SLEEP: Still no issues…praise the Lord! It only improves every day. Cross your fingers as he starts preschool that we won’t have any regression with his naps or nights!

FOOD: We’ve discovered a new favorite this month – cheese ravioli, hold the tomato sauce. πŸ˜‰ I think he ate about 10 on Tuesday night. Noodles/pastas/starches continue to be this kid’s jam…just don’t add any red sauce!

HEALTH: Praise the Risen Lord, we are COMPLETELY OFF STEROIDS! We weaned Brooks off of those in June, brought them back to help him get over a brief cold in July, and haven’t touched them at all in August! That’ll probably change once cold and flu season hits again, but for the moment, we are enjoying our time OFF the nebulizer!

RANDOM FACTS: Full disclosure – I was absolutely terrified of how our move would cause little man to regress, but he handled it like an old pro! Our older kids actually struggled much more than he did…he’s loving his new digs!

Another fun fact – he became very interested in putting on other people’s clothing this month.

Exhibit A…

He makes us laugh EVERY DAY. πŸ™‚

It’s crazy to think that two years ago this month we applied to adopt. We had no idea that our sweet son’s first mama was entering her third trimester of pregnancy with him. I have no idea what she was feeling at that point…fear? Joy? Anxiety? I’m not privy to those details but what I do know is that she loved her son. I do know that she chose to give him life when doing so would cause her immense pain. I do know that she must’ve faced just an absolutely impossible decision to make when she placed him to be found. I pray that God opens some cosmic door one day where I can meet this boy’s first mama…but if He doesn’t, she will always have my utmost respect and love.

We are so thankful to be this little guy’s family – happy weekend, friends!

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