China: Days 11-13

Our final two days in China were spent relaxing and praying that our visa would come in time for us to catch our Hong Kong flight! 
We woke up Wednesday morning, our final day in Guangzhou, and decided to make the best of it despite the unknown visa situation. We spent the morning walking around a beautiful park with Brooks and enjoyed the gorgeous lake. 

In the afternoon, we headed back out for one last souvenir shopping excursion at Shamian Island. We loved it out there! 
How cute are my boys watching the Pearl River?!!

When we returned our guide met us with Brooks’s visa in hand…HUGE PRAISE! 
We woke up Thursday morning, our last day in Guangzhou, and headed to catch the train to Hong Kong.

Cheeks McGee slept most of the train ride, and we spent Thanksgiving afternoon swimming and eating at the hotel with our little turkey. 🙂

Friday morning, we attempted to do some Hong Kong tourist activities, but the lines were crazy long for everything since it was a holiday weekend, so we headed back to the hotel for one last good nap before our 14-hour flight to Texas.  

Seriously…I could watch him sleep all day!
At 3:45PM, we boarded our flight to the good ole US of A…home, sweet home…

Brooks did pretty well on the flight when he was eating or sleeping…otherwise, he was pretty upset to be confined in a giant metal tube…haha. Thankfully, we don’t have do that again anytime soon! 
Thanks, Benadryl! 😉 
And finally, at 3:45PM on Friday, November 25th, we were HOME. Praise be to God! Our airport homecoming pictures are coming SOON! 🙂 

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