Two Weeks…

Two weeks from today, Blake and I will be checking into DFW airport, about to board a 13-hour flight to Beijing.
What in the ACTUAL world, you guys?
Things have gotten REAL CRAZY, REAL FAST. 
We are swimming in itineraries, packing lists, and travel documents, and I don’t even know what’s day it is sometimes anymore. 
My last day of work is next week.
We have a crib, a rocking chair, and about 700 size 3/4 diapers in Brooks’s room upstairs thanks to our incredible friends and family who have poured out blessing after blessing on us the past month.
 I pulled out the old Pack & Play to set up in our bedroom and am currently washing size 12 month baby boy clothes.
I just bought two pairs of footie pajamas. I haven’t bought footie pajamas in two years.
We have a corner in our pantry that’s full of Gerber baby food, puffs, yogurt drops, rice cereal, and teething crackers.
Our International Adoption Clinic just submitted our prescriptions for antibiotics and Scabies cream (just in case…) for us to take to China.
We are talking with our cell phone carrier about a temporary international plan.
I am beginning to set aside “China clothes” in my closet that I’ll need to pack.
This is really going to happen, y’all.
Two years after God broke our heart for children without families and began to reveal to us that we had a missing piece to our family, this is really going to happen.
How blessed we are! 

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