Our Boy Has a Name…

We are so excited to share with you all what we have decided our son’s name will be…
Here’s a little background into how we chose it.
Both of our kids have one name that we liked (no real significance) and one name that has a family origin. Our first, Carter Wade, has the family tie because Wade is my maiden name. Our second, Kathryn Reese, has a family tie because Kathryn was a very special aunt on Blake’s side who never had children of her own, so she was almost an adopted grandmother to him. Brooks Andrew will have the family tie because Andrew is also Blake’s middle name, and they will share the initials BAE. We loved that the meaning of Andrew is “a manly warrior,” as that is one of our prayers for his life. He has already shown amazing fight, determination, and strength from what we know of his story, and we pray that he continues to show courage and bravery as he grows.  
So, why Brooks?
Well, I loved the idea of his name having something to do with our journey to him. The name Brooks means “water or a small stream,” and although the ocean we will cross to get to him is a little larger than a small stream, I loved the water connection. Water has such a calming effect on people, and we also pray that our Brooks will find a peace and a calm with our family here. We pray that we are safe place to land, and that he finds contentment with us. 
So, there you go! We hope that the next adoption update here will be the BIG NEWS that we have our match and are beginning the process to bring him HOME.
Thanks for your continued prayers, friends! 

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