The Fall Collection is HERE!!!!!!

YOU GUYS – eeek! It’s launch day! I have been waiting SO LONG to share all the beautiful things with you guys today. I seriously can’t even stand it. I don’t even want to talk anymore because there are beautiful things that you just need to see…
Okay, I’m starting in Uganda with this INSANELY beautiful Great Expectations necklace. I literally GASPED when I saw it in the look book. Those gorgeous cobalt, turquoise, and burgandy beads? Yeah, they’re rolled out of recycled paper BY HAND around a toothpick. Each and every single one. It seriously blows me away every time. This necklace comes on a gorgeous braided rope that you tie at the neck so it can be work short as a statement piece, long as I’ve done above, or mid-length. I’ve paired it here with the Catalina earrings that are hand-stamped in Kenya and an arm party that I’ll discuss below…
Okay, I love throwing in something new with some old favorites. The turquoise and teal bracelets you see here are some staple Safari Stacks – again, hand-rolled paper beads – that I’ve layered with the Addis bracelet (top). The Addis is on my wrist at least five out of seven days a week. It’s kind of my boyfriend because I love to tell its story. All of our Ethiopian pieces are made of upcycled artillery. Yep, artillery. As in bullets. That bracelet was made from melting down something meant to do harm and re-purposed into something beautiful that gives life and purpose to the hands that make it. Talk about a beauty from ashes story! That multi-color cuff on the bottom is a new friend – meet the Effortless cuff. She’s a beauty, y’all, and pretty much goes with everything.
Okay, let’s take this look from top to bottom. The Concentric earrings are made in Peru and have a perfect little blue stone at the center of this fun geometric earring. So modern and such a statement earring without being in your face. LOVE.

Around my neck is the beautiful Evangeline. I mean…ALLLLL the heart eyes for this girl. Gorgeous colors, a little fringe…I’m in love. On my right (your left) wrist are the Alvaro bracelets from Guatemala. These two come as a set and stack together beautifully. These bracelets are hand-beaded and conform to fit almost any wrist size.

(Alvaro again on bottom arm.) The arm party I’ve got going on here on my top arm begins with the Azure wrap bracelet. These are teeny, tiny paper beads from Uganda and a gorgeous blue. Behind that is the Equatorial cuff. These are truly one-of-a-kind, wearable art. These cuffs are each going to be different and unique, and I love that about them. They are made using the Guatemalan huipil – a traditional women’s dress – so each is cut to fit. No two will ever be alike which is so fun and special. The gorgeous Mojave scarf seen above features the beautiful scarlet color and two fun black tassels, which are unfortunately hidden behind my arm.  

Ohhh, Ecuador…THANK YOU for this beautiful necklace. This is the Skyward necklace made from tagua – a process that can take 4-6 months from the time the nuts are gathered. I’ve paired them here with the Elemental earrings from Peru – another quick favorite. 

And, heyyyyy, date night! Here, I’m holding my favorite new clutch, the Dahdi! This modern, geometric print pops on most any color palette and can be easily dressed up or down for any event. In this look, I’ve simply swapped my Skyward necklace for the gorgeous Tradewinds made in India.

The Tradewinds necklace here is a fun cross between sophisticated and boho. The glass beads are hand-cut and strung with these cute little leaf details. So easy and an easy to wear white. 

Ummm, how fun are these shoulder-dusters?! These are the monarch earrings and basically speak for themselves. 

A dressed down look featuring the Great Expectations worn a little shorter. Here I’ve paired it with the Elemental earrings for a more casual feel. 
And, meet Zelda! Zelda is our new, modern extender for those who like a more sophisticated look. Sold with the necklace seen here which has such a classic, pearl-like look, Zelda will be a staple for years to come. I’ve paired it with the Minaret earrings from Vietnam. 

And this one, you guys…I just had to share this hilarious outtake from my photo session with a five year-old photographer. This picture perfectly sums up what it’s like to parent Kate. 😉 She’s a girl with big dreams, big plans, and a highly skeptical mother who will likely be the reason she ends up in therapy. This one cracked me up! 
I had to share these, too, because at $11 or $20, these little add-ons would be just perfect gifts to stock up on! Unless you attend a trunk show in person, I have to add these to your order myself, so if you are interested in placing an order that qualifies ($60+) and you’d like me to add them, be sure and email me – – so I can help! 

And just a quick reminder for my local D/FW girls…my Mystery Hostess two-day event starts TONIGHT at 6:30pm! I will also open my house from 11am-2pm Saturday, so be sure to let me know if you’d like to come by! If you are not local or just prefer to shop online, be sure to use my link below by the 14th! Every $10 spent enters you into my raffle for FREE NOONDAY! 
Okay, this is not even close to all of the new stuff, so be sure to click the link above to see it all. BUT, I’m just dying to know what you think! Which piece spoke to you? Leave me a comment and let me know! XO!   

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