August 1st Dreaming…

Well, hey, August, hey! So glad to finally see you!
I’ve been waiting for August 1st for quite some time. I’ll keep it real, y’all – July was NOT my jam. It was long, slow, hot, and full of boredom, truthfully. I’m sure I’ll be wishing for a July day come October or so, but right now, I’m okay moving on.
August is going to be a really big month for us around here for a few reasons.
1) I turn 32 tomorrow. On a Tuesday. Sigh.
2) The Noonday Collection fall line launches on the 4th, and I have FIVE trunk shows scheduled so far this month! Amazing! I am SO grateful that so many incredible women have stepped up to host and create a marketplace for our artisan partners in their home. I cannot wait to see how these shows will make an impact both globally and on our family’s adoption expenses. Check back here on Thursday for some preview pictures, the link to shop, and to hear a little more of my heart for this amazing company. I’ve set some lofty goals for myself this fall, and I cannot wait to partner with my amazing hostesses and customers to make it happen. 
(Psssst – local ladies, if you’d like to come see the new line in person and hang out with me, I’m hosting a Mystery Hostess Open House with TWO attendance options: Thursday evening from 6:30-8:00 AND Saturday from 11-2pm! I’d love to have you!)
3) We celebrate Kate turning 3 on Sunday! I cannot believe my baby girl is turning 3. She has really turned into such a little girl this summer. She’s becoming very independent, smart, and caring, and even though she still has some seriously sassy moments, we love seeing her little personality blossom.
  4) We head to Colorado on vacation in ONE WEEK! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the praise hands! I seriously just cannot wait to be in beautiful country with my little family. I’ll recap the trip once we return!
5) We are asking God to move some pretty big mountains in our adoption this month. We had some exciting news come our way last month that we absolutely cannot wait to share, but until we cross the hurdles we are currently facing and get some approvals we need from China, we cannot share any details publicly. We would covet your prayers for quick movement on that end. Once we have that approval, we are planning to relaunch our wildly successful “No Place Like Home” t-shirt fundraiser with a little bit of a twist. We cannot wait to share all of these details with you…stay tuned! 
(Also, I’d love to hear in the comments what color shirt you’d like to to see us offer! We are considering mint, navy, berry pink, red, or a deep heather gray…let me know what you think!)
So that’s what we have coming up! Well, all of that, AND I return to work for some training starting the 23rd. 😦 It’s going to be a whirlwind month, but so many good things happening! Have a great week, friends! XO!

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