Thank You Notes

This post is dedicated to all of us who are just barely hanging on by a thread in these last few weeks before summer.

Cue Jimmy Fallon Music…

Thank you, Teacher Appreciation Week. You are timed just so perfectly between spring break and summer vacation that weary teachers everywhere just might find the strength to carry on three more weeks. Bikini season be damned. You are worth every calorie.

Thank you, Peppa Pig. Your cute British accent, mischievous antics, and grossly overweight (and slightly arrogant, I might add) father keep both of my children entertained for just long enough that restroom breaks and Instagram skimming can be done in peace. Bless you. You, my friend, are a gift to mothers everywhere. And as a bonus, thank you for teaching our children to use ridiculously cute words like rubbish, a bit, and petrol. (Why yes, Kate, your back-talking WAS just “a bit” funny.)

Thank you, Jen Hatmaker, for letting the moms off the hook for slacking educationally during the months of April and May. As I entered the preschool today, I realized I had not only forgotten my son’s towel for “beach day,” but I had also forgotten his extra set of clothes AND I was informed that I was delinquent on supply fees and tuition forms for next year. (Keep in mind…this preschool is also my PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT.) Did I sweat it or feel the slightest guilt? NOPE. Because Jen Hatmaker is a terrible end-of-school-year parent, and she says you can STOP YELLING AT ME. You just wait until August, dear teachers. We will be ALL. OVER. IT.

Thank you, Lunchables. Your overly processed and slightly damp meat, stale crackers, and not-even-kinda-cheese cheese make mornings slightly tolerable. Throw one of those suckers in with a pouch of applesauce and yogurt tube, and we are out of the door. Four food groups baby, BAM! I tip my hat to you and beg for the pediatrician’s forgiveness.

Thank you, search-for-the-perfect-rescue-puppy, for distracting me from the fact that we are 11 weeks in to a supposedly “3 months or less” wait for our adoption referral. I’m not at ALL nervous/anxious/eager/excited every time my phone rings these days. I’m not even KIND OF thinking about the fact that we could see our child’s face any day. And I’m definitely NOT counting the days (76) since our dossier went to China.

Nope, instead, I’m dying inside and oohing and aahing looking at faces like this girl and emailing ALL THE RESCUE GROUPS. Yep, that sweet face is probably the newest addition to our little clan here in a few weeks. China hasn’t given me a baby yet, and I have this crazy/neurotic/might-need-a-little-therapy need to have something warm and snugly in my life that DOESN’T TALK BACK. So, blog world, meet Abby. 🙂 We promise to train her to eat food off the floor, jump on the UPS man, and clean Kate’s booster seat after dinner…Ezells earn their keep, people.

Here’s to the home stretch. Summer is in sight. Have a great weekend, friends!

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