Weekend Wrap-Up: Noonday Style Edition

Fair warning: There are entirely too many pictures of ME on this post. I seriously don’t think I’ve been in this many blog post pictures in, well, ever. 
This is a little out of my comfort zone, but since I literally spent my entire weekend in Noonday, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little peek at a few pieces from my sample collection that arrived last week. EEK! First of all, can we just talk about how BEAUTIFULLY packaged these little beauties all are?!! I die.
(Side note – this is only my first shipment of three. Two more boxes of beautiful things coming soon! So many more goodies to come!)

Thursday night, I had a little moms’ night out at a painting studio with some of my precious MOPS friends, so I took my Rachel necklace, Sofiya wrap bracelet, and Minaret earrings along with me. 😉 I loved how the bone color of the necklace and earrings added a little fun to a simple sweater! 
Friday morning, I went to work in my Angelica scarf, Festival bracelets (see below), and Column earrings…you guys, I could’ve sold this little beauty right off my neck about ten times over. The quality of the material is just second to none, and it adds a fun color pop to truly ANYTHING. My mother-in-law already owns this cute scarf (because she has great taste!), and she said she gets oodles of compliments on it, too. Love! 
Here’s a little Friday afternoon fun pic with my boy where you can see the bracelets. I wore both the Fuschia and Navy and just love the bright colors! At only $18 a piece, these are super affordable and so fun for spring! Throw in a few gold pieces you already own and it’s an arm party!
Saturday morning, I attended a baby shower for a former co-worker from my middle school days. (Shout out to the middle school teachers…you have to be just the right amount of crazy for that gig!) It was SO MUCH FUN to catch up with all my old teacher friends since we have all parted ways since we taught together in 2012. I decided to try out the Water Drop Prism earrings for this occasion and loved the look! A little drama and fun added to a simple wine tunic and black leggings. 
And on Superbowl Sunday, it was 70 degrees so we lived outside in our sunnies. 😉 My princess and I are cheesin’ in the Sofiya wrap bracelet again (it’s seriously goes with anything) and the Golden Rivers necklace. (My Column earrings are hiding behind my hair, but I promise they are there!) This necklace is SO FUN because of the leather extender. It is really two necklaces in one because the extender can be removed and give you a totally different look. The extender can really be added to just about any other rope necklace and create lots of versatility with just the one piece. I’ll share a demo on that one soon!
Sunday afternoon, I took my boy on a little park date while his sister napped. He climbed, swung, and slid his little heart out. 
We played tag and ran races in the field, and I just about died at his “I’m going to beat you” face!

These kids are so much of my “why” when I decided to join Noonday. If I can model for them what it looks like to love God and love people…ALL people…well, then I’d call that success. I so desperately want them to understand that the best thing we can do in our lives is help others, regardless if they live halfway down the block or halfway around the world. Jesus instructs us to go make disciples of ALL nations, not just ours. Not just the one next door. ALL. If we don’t take care of our brothers and sisters near and far, well, who will?
With that said, I am SO excited to get my spring pieces in (fingers crossed it’s this week!) and cannot wait for you all to get your hands on it at my local launch on the 28th! Be sure to like my Facebook page for more details on that! Remember that your purchases are not only helping artisans around the world, but all of my commissions will go directly to our family’s adoption fund.
Want to partner with me and help make a difference in the world by styling your friends? It’s so easy! Shop HERE anytime or book a trunk show with me to get yourself some free and discounted pieces while bringing the story of Noonday to your friends and family! Win-win!
Hope you all had a good weekend, friends!! XO! 

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