Noonday Collection – Changing the World through Style

I am thrilled to finally be able to share my new adventure with you all today! After many months of prayer and conversation, I have joined an incredible team of women as an Independent Ambassador for the Noonday Collection

(This is our excited face.)

So, if you’ve never heard of Noonday, here’s the scoop. (You can watch a little video from the founder if you feel so inclined HERE.) Noonday Collection’s mission is to create jobs for artisans around the world who live in some of the most vulnerable countries. These men and women create beautiful and unique jewelry and accessories, and by partnering with Noonday Collection, they are able to earn a FAIR and DIGNIFIED income for their families through the sale of their products. Each purchase you make from Noonday Collection helps families and communities around the world flourish.

As an ambassador, I will be connecting customers to the artisans through trunk shows and online sales. If you have any interest in hosting a trunk show, I would LOVE to chat! There are some pretty sweet perks for hostesses! 😉  And really, what could be better than getting together with your friends, shopping for beautiful jewelry, AND helping others all at once?! It really doesn’t get much better!
Well, maybe it does. All proceeds from my trunk shows will go directly toward our adoption expenses…so there’s that, too!

The spring line launches February 18, and I will be hosting a launch party during the afternoon on Sunday, February 28th, at my home in Frisco. I will be sending lots of invites, and please feel free to bring your friends! 

Not local? Can’t make the show? No worries! You can shop my personal website anytime HERE.  
I am just ecstatic to be joining a community of women who are making a huge impact by styling their friends. The quality of these pieces is truly second to none, and I cannot wait to see how God uses this company to help not only our family with our adoption expenses, but also families and children all around the world.

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