What’s Up Wednesday

Hey, hey Hump Day!!! 
I decided to join in on the What’s Up Wednesday fun today, so I’ll be answering the questions below. Grab the graphic and join in, too!

What We’re Eating This Week….

Cooking has never really been my strong suit, but I am excited to make these cute little thumb print cookies this weekend! Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and chocolate combo?!!

What I’m Reminiscing About…

This sweet baby will be FIVE in just a few short months. (Somebody HOLD ME.) We’ve been having lots of big conversations about whether or not to go ahead and send him to Kindergarten or give him a year of  Transitional Kindergarten, and it’s a really tough decision. It’s the kind of conversation  I feel entirely unprepared for, so prayers would be appreciated as we continue to discuss and make big decisions for this sweet boy!

What I’m Loving…

I took the kids up to the CUTEST little play place last week, and they had a BLAST! If you are local to the Frisco/McKinney/Plano area, check out Play Street Museum! These kiddos were in heaven!

What We’ve Been Up To…

 We have been redoing our bedroom furniture, and I LOVE how it’s turned out!!! This chest was old and all scratched up from college, so we gave it a fresh coat of paint and added some new hardware. 
Side note – How cute are my assistants?!! (Sorry for the undies pic, Carter…don’t hate me when you’re 15…) 
 I love how it turned out!!!
 Next, we moved on to the night stands…they also started out the light wood color and had very old hardware, so we gave it a little face lift…
And now, we’re finishing the big guy…the long dresser. I cannot wait to show you how well this one turned out! It has these beautiful and ornate doors on the middle section. I’ll share the after of this one soon!

What I’m Dreading…

I’m not really sure I’m dreading anything right now except for maybe a snow day…mama doesn’t do cold. This pic was from last year. Kate shares my feelings. 😉 

What I’m Working On…

Ok, so technically it’s not ME working on it, but our agency is soooooo close to finalizing and sending off our dossier. We cannot wait to hear that it’s been sent over! I’m hopeful that I can share that good news this week or next!

What I’m Excited About…

See the last question. 😉 Being DTC and getting that referral call!!!

What I’m Watching/Reading…

Building on my commitment to get up earlier this year, I ordered this last night and cannot wait to read it!

What I’m Listening  To…

I absolute ADORE Shane & Shane…and this album is SO good!

What I’m Wearing…

I am SOOOOOO not the mirror selfie type (because HEY MESSY CLOSET), but I did have to share my adoration from this must-have shirt from Pinterest Told Me To. I wore it with her must-have leggings and some tall boots, and I got OODLES of compliments at my MOPS meeting. It’s comfortable, affordable, and perfect for leggings because it covers the rear. LOVE THIS ONE.

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Well, let’s just be honest here…I’m a mom, so I’ll be going to kiddo birthday parties. It’s just how we roll these days…BUT, my precious brother and his wife should be welcoming their third baby (my SIXTH niece or nephew!) by the end of the weekend, so I cannot wait to meet that sweet one and find out if I get another precious niece or nephew! EEEK!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

I just finalized plans with my mother-in-law for the kids to sleep over at her house on the night of Valentine’s Day, so I am excited for a night off! And to SLEEP IN! 🙂 Three cheers for grandparents!!

What Else is New…

I think that’s about it! Just lovin’ life with these sweet kiddos!

Ok, and one last thing…how HILARIOUS is this “elephant” that Cart made at school?!! His teacher said he insisted on just one tusk (the white moon on the left…) because he thought it would be funnier that way. Bless it, y’all. Poor kid got my artistic abilities…he just doesn’t have a prayer. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!!! XO!

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