Show & Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments

Ok, so today’s little link-up party is all about showing and telling your “momfessional” moments…in other words, this is an opportunity to confess or share secrets related to surviving this whole motherhood thing without losing your ever-loving mind. We can do hard things, y’all…
I did a post of these for Show and Tell Tuesday last year, and you can see that HERE
Soooo, let’s revisit last year for a moment because not a whole lot of those have changed. I still adore preschool, although I’m teaching it now so it’s not quite as much of a “break” as it was last year. I still let my son pee on trees at the park (sorry, not sorry), I still encourage my kids to watch a little TV when I need a break, and I will ALWAYS live by the five-second rule. Like ALWAYS.

The only things that have really changed from the 2015 list are that Kate is very close to dropping her nap (moment of silence, please…), and my son is now smart enough (thanks to said beloved preschool) that he realized the 5 on the Rosa’s gumball machine was just part of the 25 cents sign, so he figured out my lie. Thankfully, the gumballs were older than he is, so they both immediately spit them out and realized they were gross when I gave in and let them get one. 🙂 WIN!

Okay, so I came up four more. Here goes…
Whenever we are at a restaurant or play area and someone else’s kid is having a tantrum, I secretly smile and laugh because, FOR ONCE, it’s not MY KID doing it. It just somehow makes me feel justified that my kids aren’t the only ones who misbehave occasionally in public. Now, before you scold me, I do always give the mom the obligatory half-smile as a show of solidarity, but once we’ve parted ways, I do smile to myself.

This isn’t super crazy and off the wall, but it’s amazing what all I can accomplish when I let my kids watch YouTube on the iPad. I know – it’s super scary to just give them free reign on there because the suggested videos can sometimes be downright ICKY. But, it’s one of the few times they will watch something together without fighting, and it’s pretty cute to hear them laughing together at the same dumb video, too. (As an aside, are my kids the only ones into watching the “surprise egg” videos?!! What the heck are these dumb things, and how did they get so popular?!!)

There are three things that I absolutely DESPISE as a parent, but loved as a kid – Playdoh, stickers, and Legos. The amount of Playdoh I have picked up off of our playroom carpet is absolutely horrifying. I cannot even handle it anymore, so it often “mysteriously” disappears overnight. And I SWEAR, if I have one more piece of furniture in this house ruined by a pirate sticker, I might just flip my lid.

But number one on my ish list HAS to be Legos. Not the duplos – those are tolerable unless stepped on (for the love, those suckers hurt!).  I’m talking about the Legos marked for ages 5 and up. They are tiny, and the toys are rendered completely USELESS if you lose one single microscopic piece, so couple that with the fact that we have a two year old tornado currently residing with us, and it’s not pretty, friends. I loathe the little devils.

Sometimes, I need to pretend that the cute and affectionate moments between my kids are a more frequent occurrence, so yeah, I ask them to hold hands for a picture. Or to give each other hugs just so I can document it. Do I occasionally catch an unprompted hug or sweet moment? Of course…but most are staged. And some end badly. Sigh.

Exhibit A – I think the prompt was, “Give her a kiss on the cheek.” Oops.

An unprompted hug. (Insert all the googly eyes.)

Staged. Very staged. What gave it away?!! 😉


That’s it for today!
Here’s the series list if you’d like to join in next time! 🙂

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