This little princess has been absolutely CRACKING US UP lately with all of the funny and witty things she says, so I had to take a moment and write them down. I worried I’d forget them otherwise! I apologize in advance if you don’t know her, because you might not find these as funny as if you did, but this girl…she’s just a trip!
(Leaving the North Pole Express train ride)
Me: Kate, do you think Santa will bring you your Baby Alive doll for Christmas?
Kate: Yep!
Me: Are you on the nice list or the naughty list?
Kate: I’m on the FUNNY list! 
(On the way to my ob/gyn…she sadly had to tag along…)
Me: Kate, guess who we are going to go see?
Kate: Who?
Me; The doctor who took care of you while you were in my tummy!
Kate: What the what?!!
Me; Yeah! You grew in my tummy!
Kate: You ate me?!!
(Singing “the poop song” in the car…yeah, we made up a song about poop…whatever gets the job done, people!)
Kate: P-O-O-P, that’s how you spell poop! Poop, poop, poop, poop, every body poops!
Carter: Daddy poops, Kate poops, Emma poops…
Kate: Emma poops A LOT, Bubba. It be super stinky.
She photobombs like a pro…
eats like a man…
and is just an absolute hoot! 
Thanks for always cracking us up, sweet thing! You add so much laughter and FUN to our days! XO!

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