A Documentary, A Meme, and a Book Walk Into a Bar…

Okay, guys…this post is so incredibly random, but I just have to share a few completely unrelated things this afternoon.
Have you guys seen this? We have watched nine of the episodes this week alone, and y’all…I can’t get this crazy story out of my head! I’m not 110% convinced he’s totally innocent, but I also don’t think there is ANY way the jury could have decided he was guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. 
And his nephew, Brendan. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, since when is being unintelligent enough to convict you of a crime? Did he make an absolutely catastrophic mistake in letting the police manipulative him? Yes. Does he deserve to be behind bars for 30+ years because of it? Um, NO.
This story has seriously kept me up at night just angry at our criminal justice system. If you’ve seen this series, I would LOVE your comments!
So, in honor of hubby and I finally settling on a name for our son (and nope, not gonna share it today!) and getting our I800-A approval last week, I did a little online shopping…
This is the lovey and family photo album we will fill with family photos and eventually send to our sweet boy so his caregivers can start talking about us with him and preparing him for his adoption. It is so crazy to think these will be in the hands of our SON in a matter of time! Now, we just need our documents finalized so we can be ready for a match! Come on, Houston Consulate! 🙂   
I am in LOVE with my new Stella & Dot initials necklace! I get so sappy looking down and seeing the initials of our THREE, yes THREE, kiddos. So, so scary and exciting and humbling!
This was too good not to share…because it is a perfect description of my life. Is my kid the only one who will only take ONE bite of something and then render it completely useless?!! This makes me CRAY-ZY! Especially when it’s one of my organic Honeycrisp apples that are SO EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY! Which leads me to my next point…
I am just beginning this book, and OH MY WORD, if you haven’t read it, you need it! At one of our home study visits, we were talking to our social worker about the adjustment period when we first arrive home with our son, and she mentioned that a lot of kids coming from orphanages will feel very overwhelmed in a house “that looks like Toys ‘R’ Us” because they are coming from places that are very sparse and sterile. I didn’t feel like we are super excessive with regards to spoiling our kids, but when I went upstairs to our playroom, I realized we definitely live in Toys ‘R’ Us, so I decided this was an area we needed to address before bringing our boy home. I’m using this book as a guide and really trying to separate wants and needs as we adjust to this whole family of five thing this year.
So, how’s that for the most random post of 2016 to date?!! Hoping your weekend was as fabulous, joyful, and precious as this girl! It is impossible to be unhappy around that smile! 
Check back Tuesday to hear this year’s “Momfessionals” – excited to own the crazy with you all! 

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