A Conversation with Kate

As  I brought Kate downstairs this morning, she spotted the Baby Einstein toy the kids picked out for their little brother at Target for Christmas and wanted to bring it downstairs with her. The conversation that followed was so precious that it had to be documented.
Kate: Is baby brother downstairs?
Me: No, sweet girl. Not yet.
Kate: Aww, I want him to be here!
Me: Me, too, honey. He’ll be home soon.
Kate: I give this to my baby brother. It be his special present. Can I bring it to da airport?
Me: Of course. He will love it!
Kate: I going to be a big sister. And Carter going to be the big brother. And you be his mommy, and Daddy be his daddy. Right?
Me: That’s exactly right! Where’s your baby brother now? 
Kate: China! 
Me: That’s right. How are we going to get him home?
Kate: On da BIG airpane!
Me: Is he going to be a teeny tiny baby or a big baby?
Kate: A big baby. He may be walking.
Me: That’s right. Are you going to be able to share Mommy with him?
Kate: Yes. And I share my daddy, too. Because I’m the big sister.
Me: What will you do if he’s crying?
Kate: I give him hugs. And some chicken.
I mean. Chicken cures all sadness, am I right?!! 🙂 Love her!
I had to share this because I get asked ALL THE TIME if my big kids understand what we are doing. We have had lots of conversations with Carter, and if you ask him questions about his baby brother, he’ll pretty much explain exactly what an orphanage is, why some parents can’t raise their children, and the process of how we are going to bring his baby brother home, but this was really the first time I saw glimpses of Kate’s understanding. We’ve pretty much taken the “she’s too little to understand” approach with her up until now. But, WOW! She’s really been listening! I obviously haven’t given her nearly enough credit for understanding. 
As far as our process goes, we had our fingerprinting appointment last week for immigration, so we are hopeful that our 797 approval will be in the mail in the next 3-4 weeks. That’s the last document we need for our dossier…WOOHOO!!!! Once that gets notarized and authenticated, our dossier should be ready to go to China, so I am hopeful that we will be logged in to the China system in February sometime. One step closer! 
Here’s to BIG THINGS in 2016!!! 🙂 Happy New Year, friends!

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