Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We had an absolutely perfect day with our sweet family today. I hosted, and I’m not one to brag, but not only did I not kill anyone with food poisoning, but the house is still standing and semi-clean, too! 😉 It’s a Turkey Day miracle!
I scrolled through my Facebook first thing this morning and saw all you fit people out running Turkey Trots, so I decided to get my morning workout in by banging the Pillsbury can against the kitchen counter EXTRA hard before throwing those suckers in the oven. I mean, that definitely burned at LEAST two calories…so I ate two cinnamon rolls before tackling the turkey. 🙂 Sorry, not sorry. 
These two didn’t mind my workout of the day either.
And then…this sucker met its demise in the oven.
After getting everyone cleaned up, we recruited my parents to take a few family pics outside because I totally blanked on booking family pics this year. (Is adoption brain a thing? It’s kind of like preggo-brain…except not?) 
This girl was ready for her close-up. 
 Carter’s face…he’s all, “Get me outta here!”
 My tiny beauty.
 Stud muffin!
 So blessed. So SO blessed.
 Blake checked went to gather up the boys’ fishing gear for a trip up to the pond, and I took the opportunity to snag a few pics with my kiddos. I somehow NEVER make it into the pics, so I had to take the opportunity!
 Love these two!
At this point, ten more people descended on the house and fun family chaos ensued for about six hours. For some strange reason, I could never get the adults to pose for me, but the kids’ table was willing to give me a cheese before diving into the meal!
And then, we feasted! Such an amazing spread!
We had an absolutely perfect day…the kids were asleep in their beds at 7pm, and we are feeling so incredibly thankful and blessed by all we’ve been given this year. God is good…all the time! We are so grateful for a wonderful family day and hopeful that next year there will be a sixth little booty at that kids’ table! 🙂 

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