For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

Last night, I finished the most compassionate, affirming, and freeing book I’ve read in quite some time, and I just couldn’t let the day go by without sharing it! 
If you are a woman over 18, mom or not, this book is a MUST-READ for you. Not only does Jen Hatmaker manage to simultaneously challenge and love you through her words, she does so in a way that is understanding, forgiving, and, most importantly, hysterical!
I love that she really touches on the fact that, as women, we feel this constant need to “keep up” with everyone around us and to only share with others that small portion of ourselves that appears organized and happy and put-together. A picture of my two children posing with chalkboards proclaiming a milestone is expected; these posts garner exponentially more “likes” (a.k.a. affirmation) and comments than a #keepitreal post revealing the nine (okay, twelve) piles of laundry on my dining room table that have yet to be folded or my daughter throwing a tantrum because it’s 7am and I refuse to let her eat Skittles for breakfast. (The candy struggle over here is REAL, y’all.) We don’t want people to know that this parenting and marriage thing is HARD sometimes…we don’t want to let people into those moments…and it’s tremendously isolating to feel like we are the only ones navigating those battles.
Jen is a breath of fresh air. She encourages you to take the excess off your plate, prioritize what’s important, and offer yourself grace. We are SO hard on ourselves sometimes, and we have expectations for ourselves that we would NEVER put on others. She also has some really “deep” moments where she discusses things like leggings as pants, her disdain for Pinterest, and an unfortunate situation with an automatically-flushing toilet. 😉   
If you need a “refresh” this fall, go grab this book!

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