Catching Up on Our Travels – Santa Fe and Hot Springs!

We’ve been traveling like crazy this summer…over the course of the past 10 days, I was only home for two! Eeek! So let’s catch up!
First up was a wedding in Santa Fe for one of Blake’s college roommates. It was a fun little kid-free getaway, and it was so nice to be in the cooler temperatures of the mountains!
 We really shouldn’t take selfies anymore…doesn’t end well.

 Walking the streets before breakfast.
 The “Miraculous Staircase” in Loretto Chapel.
 More Loretto Chapel – it was beautiful!

 Found a little reminder of my Uncle Jack in the gift shop…he fit his name well and could definitely light up a room.
 More bad selfies…
Gave the camera to someone else so we could get the beautiful chapel in the background. 🙂 Hubby was lookin’ good in that penguin suit! 
We picked up the kids that afternoon…and before we even hit the highway, the Captain was OUT. They had a great weekend with their grandparents and cousin! 
Two short days later, the kids and I were back on a plane headed to Arkansas for almost a week at the lake with their Wade cousins! They were SO excited to fly! 
Once we arrived, it was all about the boat, cousins, grandparents, and swimming! 
 Headed out with the Captain on the boat!
 Doc and Cousin Pearson…doesn’t get much better than this!

 My favorite view.
I couldn’t resist grabbing a pic of my little mummy. 🙂
Daddy joined us late Thursday night, and the kids were thrilled!

We scoped out the Mid-America Science Museum on Friday due to the rain. The four littles didn’t mind, although we were pretty bummed to have ot be inside!
We spent the 4th as American as possible…swimming, boat rides, hot dogs, and taking way too many pictures! 

 These boys partied HARD…they were pooped! 🙂
The day ended with four Wade cousins in the tub.
We are home, sweet home for a while, and I am THRILLED! It’s been a whirlwind summer already! Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! 

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