Friday Favorites: All About CARTER!

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I’m focusing on my sweet and handsome little man! (Sorry girl moms…this one’s for the boy!)

1) Our Discovery of Paw Patrol

Praise the sweet baby Jesus, our Caillou phase is OVER! Gone are the days of the whiny bald (seriously, why IS he bald at age 4?!!) kid, and welcome are the days of the sweet and heroic band of rescue pups! Hallelujah! This show is SO sweet…even little Kate gets excited for “Paw Papole” 🙂 If you haven’t watched it with your toddler yet, check it out! You can find it on Nick, Jr.
2) His Current Obsession with Basketball

We were in Dick’s Sporting Goods one day, and Carter found a Texas Tech (ahem, excuse me while I vomit) basketball, and he proceeded to beg for it because it had “Daddy’s team” on it. I gave in, and this kid is DETERMINED to learn how to dribble. This dumb $14 basketball occupies him ALL DAY LONG. We moved our indoor goal outside to the driveway, and he will spend a good 30 minutes out there by himself shooting hoops. And my favorite part is that every time he scores, he jumps up and down and yells, “Two points!” Bless him.
3) His Insistance on Doing Anything I Ask “Because I Love You”

Lately, if I ask him to come sit with me on the couch or watch a movie with me or play trucks with me or do just about ANYTHING with me, he agrees with a big smile, and then (be still my heart) he says, “Sure, Mommy, I’ll (sit with you/play with you/whatever I ask) because I love you.” I have NO CLUE where he learned that, but it NEVER gets old. This guy’s a keeper.
4) He’s Regressing

Lately, he’s been asking for things using Kate-speak. If he wants me to open something, he’ll bring it to me and imitate his sister by saying, “opa, opa” or doing the sign language for please. I make him repeat it using big-kid language since he’s almost four, but MAN, it cracks me up! Oh, and he’s been throwing tantrums again…probably because she is. That part is definitely NOT on the favorites list.
5) Little Critter Books

His favorite book series right now is Little Critter, and it just makes my heart happy because I LOVED those books growing up as a kid, too. (And it doesn’t hurt that they are pretty quick reads at bedtime!) We have a few that were Blake’s that his mom passed down, and those are Carter’s favorite…”because Daddy read these books when he was a kid.” 🙂

6) His Newfound Love of Performing

This is a new one that really only happens in the privacy of our home with no audience, but I LOVE watching this kid rock out into his Bubble Guppies microphone and dance. He’s got some KILLER moves…including the most amazing little leg twist/kick thing. Cracks. Me. Up.

Couldn’t love this little man more if I tried! Happy weekend, friends!!

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