Weekend Wrap-Up: Almost Perfection

If you live in North Texas like I do, you know how perfect the weather was this weekend. We had a pretty packed weekend of birthday parties, soccer games, church, and other kiddie hoopla, but we managed to spend as much time outside as we possibly could between those things.
It was still pretty cold Friday morning, so we ventured out to the Coop to play. The kids wore themselves out and looked pretty cute in their dress-up clothes.
 (Surprise #438 about having a girl: Dress up starts YOUNG. I thought I had at least a few years before this would be a thing.)
That afternoon, we went on a glorious walk to the park and then had dinner at Rosa’s…because that’s what the Ezells do on Fridays. And Tuesdays. And any other day that we feel like it. Ezells love them some tacos.
Saturday morning, Blake took the kids for donuts while I got in a quick run. (He’s a keeper y’all.) We then battled the masses at Ikea for crap treasures before regrouping for lunch and naps before heading out to our first birthday party of the weekend. It was SO CUTE and TUTU-themed. I die.
We hung out in the backyard for a little while before dinner, where Kate was adorably cheesin’ it up for pictures and Carter was trying to perfect his dribbling.
Sunday morning, we got outside again after church and then spent the afternoon at Carter’s last soccer game (where apparently the refs whistles were too loud) and at another birthday party.
We capped off the weekend with a trip to the park and ice cream sandwiches.
Kate is force-feeding me ice cream…it’s a tough job sometimes, but somebody’s gotta do it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Almost Perfection

  1. I know, I wish we could get together soon! We will be in DFW for a wedding on Feb. 21st, but I'm not sure if we'd have time to meet up. :(The cake at the tutu party is AMAZING! I hope it tasted good too. :)Also, I feel like we should comment on this Brian Williams mess.. being the former journalism students we are. 🙂


  2. We will figure it out! The cake was just all around insane. Rich, chocolatey goodness. The Brian Williams stuff is CRAY!!! I don't even know WHAT to think! I can't decide if he's a fraud or overworked or fame-seeking or WHAT!! If only Dr. Walraven could share his thoughts…


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