A Day in the Life…One Year Ago!

So, I originally posted this on the family blog a year ago, and I took a fun little walk down memory lane tonight reading this. Kate was almost six months old, and Carter was 2 1/2. It’s amazing how much changes in a year!

5:40am: Carter is awake and crying, “I want my mommy!” I hear it, but the monitor is closer to Blake, so I smack him and ask him to go see what’s going on. He grumbles something inaudible, but obliges me and informs me that my son (at 5:40am, he apparently belongs only to me) is hysterically wailing for me. I run upstairs in an attempt to quiet him before he wakes his sister, and he informs me that he is scared of his noise machine. (The same noise machine that he has had in his room since the day he came home from the hospital…) I translate that to mean he had a bad dream, but I turn down the white noise anyway and get in his bed with him to help him go back to sleep. I doze off briefly.

6:00am: I startle and notice Carter has fallen back asleep, so I attempt to creep out of the room. Fail. He wakes up, I kiss his head and tell him I’m going back to my bed, and just as I open the door to sneak away, I hear a booming, “Ah-choo! Ah-choo!” Two earth-shattering sneezes (of course) happen during the four seconds his door was open. I catch my breath, uttering a silent prayer that Kate didn’t hear it, and I tip toe down the hall. As I reach the top of the stairs, I hear, “Wahhhhh!” Kate’s awake. DANG IT! I decide that it’s Daddy’s turn, so I come back downstairs and inform him that HIS daughter is awake and crying for him. (Karma is a B.) I go back to sleep as he heads up to get her up and feed her.

7:45am: I startle awake to the sound of Kate fussing. Blake has come in to inform me that she is ready for a nap and that Carter is awake, so I should probably join the human race. I fumble into the kitchen for my coffee and fill Carter’s OJ cup.

8:00am: Kate goes down for a nap while Carter and I drink our respective beverages and watch a little GMA. Blake heads off to work, and I turn on a Blue’s Clues DVD while I get ready for the day.  I am starting a new women’s bible study at my church this morning – yay! An hour and a half of ADULT time every Tuesday for 7 weeks?! Sign me up! 🙂

9:00am: Carter informs me that he’s had a “poo poo party” in his pants. Joy. After a quick change, we get him dressed, and he has a meltdown because he wants to wear his Christmas jammies today instead of the jeans and t-shirt I chose. I distract him with a “drack” (snack) and get him a Nutri-Grain bar while I start pulling things together for church.

9:15am: Kate’s up, so I get her up and dressed. I put her in the car seat and ask Carter to get her a toy for the ride to church. He wants to get a toy, too, and he proceeds to have another meltdown when I inform him that his remote control car won’t work in the car seat. It’s tough being two and half sometimes.

9:42am: We arrive at church (10 minutes late…not bad!) where I discover that Carter’s cup of water has leaked ALL OVER Kate’s diaper bag. I quickly grab her bottle and a dry diaper and stuff them in my purse. That’ll have to do for today. I get the kids checked in and into childcare, and then I begin checking in other moms and kids. (I was asked to arrive early since it was the first day to help with the check-in procedure. I mentally note that I need to learn to say no more as I wipe formula off my shoulder.)

10:10am: I take my seat in bible study, and I begin to chat with some other moms. We talk about our kids (of course), and I learn that my table mate has a daughter two weeks older than Kate, so we commiserate over our lack of sleep and mutual disdain for formula. It really DOES smell terrible.

10:45am: Our table needs a group leader to facilitate discussion of our book. Guess who gets the job? (No, Allison. The word is NO. Add it to your vocabulary!)

11:40am: I pick the kids up from childcare where I am informed that Carter was an angel, and Kate was terrible. No surprise here. The nursery worker thinks she’s teething and tired…nope, that’s just Kate. She’s neither of those things. Carter begs for Chick-fil-a, and I oblige him. I give Kate a Mum-Mum to quiet her in the car.   

12:10pm: We arrive home and eat our respective lunches – chicken nuggets and fries for me and Carter, rice cereal and applesauce for Kate. I am trying to teach Kate a little bit of sign language, and she laughs at me any time I do the sign for “more” or “all done.” I soak up each and every laugh I get out of her – she’s a tough cookie to crack!

1:00pm: I put Kate down for her afternoon nap, and Carter hides in his closet because he says he doesn’t want quiet time. Truth? He pooped again and didn’t want me to change him. Stinker.

1:30pm: I close Carter’s door – freedom!!! I assess the kitchen situation and realize I am out of clean bottles. I start to wash the dirty ones, but I get distracted because the dog is acting weird and skittish lately, and I remember I need to call the vet. I open the door to let her outside while I call, but I quickly close it and panic because I’m 99% positive I spy a dead animal in our bushes outside. Sick. After a quick call to the husband to inform him of the carcass (and forgetting about both the call to the vet AND the bottles in the sink), I sit down to complete Carter’s class valentines for his party at school tomorrow.

1:50pm: Valentines are done. I check the monitor quickly and see Kate sleeping and Carter singing in his bed with his blanket on his head. Whatever – he’s not crying, so I leave him be.

2:15pm: Kate’s up. No clean bottles. Crap! I stick her in the Bumbo with a Mum Mum – what would I do without those dumb things? It momentarily distracts her while I get a bottle ready.

2:35pm: Kate’s done eating, and I check the monitor again. (We make Carter have at least 1 hour of quiet time every day, even if he doesn’t nap.) He’s sleeping today. Sweet! I sit down to start this blog, but Kate is fussing for my attention, so it’ll have to wait until later.

3:00pm: I turn on the TV hoping to watch Ellen (my happy place), but instead it’s the dumb Olympics. Ugh. I eat a chocolate chip cookie to make myself feel better. Delish. I think I’ll have another.

3:35pm: Carter is awake. I get him up and give him a snack and let him watch an episode of “Caillou.” Kate is getting grumpy due to her short naps today, so I decide we should go on a drive and let her fall asleep before we head to the mall for some play time. She sleeps for a whopping 10 minutes before waking up hysterical due to the dumb cold.

4:30pm: We arrive at the mall where Blake is waiting for us. (The mall is 2 minutes from his office, and he was done early today.) In the play area, Carter tries to play tag with some older (and by that I mean 5 years old) girls. They have no interest in the little boy chasing after them, but he is blissfully unaware and keeps jumping into their game. (It starts young, people.) I attempt to wander and go look for a dress for Kate’s baby dedication next month, but Carter insists on following me into the store despite Blake’s efforts to keep him back. He gets into everything in there so we head home, and I vow to shop online only.

6:00pm: We arrive home after Kate has screamed the ENTIRE ride home, and we reheat some leftovers for dinner. (Mom of the year!) She munches on some Mum Mums and puffs, and Blake feeds her some squash while I dominate the microwave.

6:30pm: Bath time – the only guaranteed time that neither of my kids will be crying. Bliss.

7:00pm: Kate finishes up her bottle and goes down for the night. We move Carter down to play in our room since he’s not quite ready for bed yet. The next hour is spent playing Hide and Seek, rough housing on the bed, and having some iPad time.

8:00pm: Carter begins coming up with excuses not to go upstairs and read stories – he wants more milk, “something is funny” on his pajamas, he wants another “drack,” he needs a band-aid. You get the idea. I give him some milk, ignore the rest of the excuses, and drag him up for stories.

8:30pm: Carter’s door is closed. Day is done…so we think. Now it’s time for some trash tv on the couch, a few more cookies, and then we cross our fingers and hope it stays quiet until morning.

It ain’t glamorous, but that’s a day! Whew, I’m tired just reading all of that!

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